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mayr® Transmission Singapore is the South East Asian Branch of mayr® Germany. Being the market leader in transmission products, we offer an extensive variety of torque limiters (safety clutch), safety brakes, backlash-free shaft misalignment compensation couplings and high-quality DC drives.

When it comes to customer-specific requirements, we possess the expertise to develop customized and economical solutions for you based on more than 100 years of our engineering excellence.


Our Products

Our Safety Brakes, Torque Limiter and Shaft Couplings are our 3 main core products.

When the focus is placed on the safety of people and machines, only the best is good enough. The quality products by mayr® power transmission can cater for application fields within an extremely wide branch spectrum.These products prove their worth every day in all subdivisions of mechanical engineering and safeguard the movements of this world.

We offer a wide variety of engineering products across varies industries.
We are confident you will find a solution in your application.
Do get in touch with us today.

Safety Brakes

Never compromise on Safety

Our electromagnetic safety brakes provide the highest operating reliability during all process where people and machines safety is our main priority.

Torque Limiter

The airbag for your machine

Our wide range and tailored solution Torque Limiters provides the maximum reliability in protecting your machines and systems from expensive overload damage.  We help you to save the damage cost and increase your productivity.


Shaft Couplings

Quality and Precision

Our backlash-free shaft couplings provides the highest quality and precision to transmit torque with high accuracy without any angular errors. We have the most modular design even to couple with our Brakes and Torque limiter. 

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8 Boon Lay Way #03-06,
8 @ Tradehub 21,
Singapore 609964

Phone: + 65 6560 1230

Fax: +65 6560 1000


Phone: + 65 6560 1230

8 Boon Lay Way #03-06,
8 @ Tradehub 21,
Singapore 609964

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